Android Assistance Library twenty three. 2 — Build Applications For Wider Selection of Devices

The actual BIG Improvements

While Google android Support Collection 23. 2 includes the brand new day/night setting feature, both big improvements are —

Support vector drawables with regard to API greater than 7 products
Animated vector drawables with regard to API greater than 11 products

Vector drawables permit users to change multiple png assets having a single vector drawable. AppCompat offers received a number of new functions that allow developers to make use of vector drawables actually in places in which the drawable id isn’t accepted (for example XML documents). You should use ImageView along with AppCompat, you can include app: srcCompat feature to research vector drawables.





app:srcCompat=”@drawable/ic_add” />

Immediate referencing associated with vector drawables outdoors app: srcCompat can not work on Google android versions over the age of Lollipop.

Day/Night Style

There is really a new AppCompat Day/Night style in edition 23. two – Style. AppCompat. DayNight. This style allows apps to aid light as well as dark style on API fourteen and greater devices. The default mode is going to be ‘night’, but it may be overridden along with methods within AppCompatDelegate. In case your app offers location authorization, then with respect to the time as well as last recognized location, AppCompatDelegate. MODE_NIGHT_AUTO may be used to automatically change between night and day. If you need to customize any kind of resource to look as evening mode particularly, then AppCompat reuses evening resource qualifier folder in order to customize each and every resource that’ll be needed.

Style Support Collection

Design Assistance Library tools many designs of Materials Design which helps designers add base sheets for their app. By affixing BottomSheetBehavior to some child look at of CoordinatorLayout, you are able to automatically obtain appropriate contact detection in order to transition in between five says –


Assistance v4: MediaBrowserServiceCompat

Support v4 library may be the foundation for the majority of the support your local library and consists of backports of numerous framework functions introduced along with new variations. The MediaBrowserServiceCompat as well as MediaBrowserCompat supply compatible answer for most recent APIs to any or all API four and greater devices. This particular supports sound playback upon Android Sound and meida searching on Google android Wear.


RecyclerView golf widget provides as well as advanced as well as flexible bottom for making lists as well as grids whilst supporting computer animation. This edition has LayoutManager API: auto-measurement as well as allows RecyclerView to sit in content dimension.

Custom Tab

Custom Tab allow smooth transition to content without troubling the UX from the app.

Leanback with regard to Android TELEVISION

With Leanback, the app could be transitioned towards the Android TELEVISION without diminishing on UX.

The actual version twenty three. 2 can be obtained with the actual SDK Supervisor and Google android Studio, producing Android application development thrilling with IoT systems.

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Android Assistance Library twenty three. 2 — Build Applications For Wider Selection of Devices

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