What to expect in piano lessons?

Are you nervous about the first piano lesson NYC? You don’t have to mind as this is an experience that many people go through. The piano is definitely an instrument that can be daunting to learn. It has so many keys and there can be a little time to practice them all. However, one thing that you need to know is that you don’t have to be nervous. All that you require is some little preparation and you can begin the journey of playing the piano without stress.


First you will need to relax as it is all in your mindset. Consider your goals before you can even start the first lesson. Is it to play at big event? Are you looking to become part of a band or you want to noodle around the home? Knowing where you want to go can be quite helpful. It is also a good strategy to begin small. You will also need to understand the basics of playing the piano; Introduction to the instrument. Remember that the professional musician who is playing at a 50,000 sitter arena began just like you.

Speak with the teacher

If you are to become a good student, you will need to have a good teacher. Once there is a good relationship between the student and the teacher, you should not be afraid of asking questions. Your teachers should understand your goals. You should feel free to tell them of the songs that you have always wanted to play. It is at this stage that you should also find out about the policy of the studio. Once you got advanced knowledge on your expectations, it will be easy for you to overcome those jitters.

Be patient

The basic exercises and scales may not be very exciting to start with but they can be very helpful when it comes to controlling the instrument.

Controlling the instrument

The piano can be a huge instrument but it is also very delicate. You can start by tapping your finger on one of the keys to get a good understanding of how light you should tap. You will notice how the sound takes that soft and bell-like quality. You can then tap a bit harder and you will see how the sound not only brightens but it also turn out more percussive. Once you train the fingers on controlling the dynamics of the piano, you will now be ready to learn deeper stuffs.

You will be taught some basic exercises by your teacher in the piano lessons Manhattan. A good idea would be to practice this thing every day. These are usually repetitive melodies that have been designed to make the fingers used to playing the piano. One of the most popular exercise methods is the Hanon. This involves a number of exercises that are meant to strengthen the fingers to carry out the virtuoso performance. Some teachers in the nyc piano lessons still rely on these exercises but not all of them do that.

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What to expect in piano lessons?

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