The Most Popular Architectural Styles For Homes

When it comes to your dream home it’s very likely that your architectural design is different than someone else’s. There are so many different types of styles that architects can employ to make a home stand out from the rest. Today we are going to look at some of the most popular architectural styles that Americans prefer.

Log Home 

This is the old beauty that originated back in the 1600s when the settlers used the closet building material, logs, to make their homes. This old fashion design has stuck around through the years and now many homes function as luxurious getaways. While these log homes are more established in rural areas, they can be constructed in more suburban areas. You should realize that different climates are going to provide various restrictions on the type of wood you can use to build your home.

Cape Cod 

This home design was another throwback from the 1600s that has been continuing to carry on through the centuries. These British inspired designs are built with big chimneys and steeper roofs. The windows provide a flanking from for the front door and the dormer windows contrast the shingles of the roof. Your architect can play with different cape cod styles with a program like the one found at

Art Deco 

This 50s looking design has many influences. A little bit of Ancient Egypt, 30s Hollywood, and Miami Beach all give inspiration to this type of architectural style. This style is characterized by its plain stucco walls that are decorated with a bold exterior decor and rounded corners. Many art deco homes play around with a few moderate colors to make the outside decor pop from the base stucco background.


Also referred to as the Craftsman style, the Bungalow home puts a big emphasis on natural building materials. These homes are made of brick, stone, and wood. They boast wide front porches and have lower roofs. Inside of these homes, you will find huge fireplaces and exposed beams.


The contemporary home is somewhat similar to the modern home but has its own features that set it apart. This architectural style plays on connecting the natural outdoors with the indoors of your home. These have sustainable materials, have access to a lot of natural light, and are very energy efficient.


Another design shot out of the 1600s, the Colonial is known for its beautiful symmetry and even spacing. This formal style home was very popular for plantation owners and wealthier individuals in the South. All Colonials have evenly proportioned dormers, chimneys, and columns.

French Provincial 

This style came to the States after World War I and was inspired by the French countryside. These decorative homes provide an intimate romantic feel. These homes have steep roofs and symmetrical proportions.


The ranch home was inspired by the Western ranches developed in the 1800 and 1900s. These homes have a more modern twist that provides a seamless connection between the home and the outdoors.

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The Most Popular Architectural Styles For Homes

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