Hiring the best content writer – Tips for a content curator

Are you someone who is a content marketer and who’s struggling to come to terms with your target audience? Or are you someone who is in charge of curating content, marketing, editing and also handling the social media? If answered yes, this can be an indeed overwhelming task. You must have considered hiring a writer or you may have even searched for one but stopped later wondering whether hiring the wrong writer could harm the credibility of your business.

What would happen if you chose the wrong writer? How could you trust them in creating the best content for your business? Should you seek help of content writing platforms like content mart? After all, a skilled and professional content writer can promote your business and help your company generate leads while a poor writer can drag down the reputation of the company. Here are few things to consider while hiring a content writer.

#1: Level of skill

You can get a clear idea about the skills of a writer by asking them to show you a sample of their writing. A writer who is great in technical write-ups might produce very poor blog posts which are driven by stories and hence you have to make sure you ask for relevant samples of the kind of write-up they’re going to write for your business. Take into account grammar, readability, flow of writing and spellings while determining their level of skill. You may even use apps to get a readability score.

#2: Level of experience

A writer may have enough experience in writing blog posts but they might have very little experience of dealing with landing pages. With regards to topics on business and politics, they can be a great writer but they might not have any great idea on IT or technology. So, you should create a description of your job so that you can ensure hiring the right writer for your business needs. Mention that only those candidates with experience should apply for the post.

#3: Level of enthusiasm

Choose someone who seems to be pretty excited about the project he will be given to handle. The potential writer should like the service or product offered by you and they should also have enough desire to promote the same. Since the writer will be an integral part of the team, he should always give in his best to the team and try to get the best out of his efforts. Check whether they ask you lots of questions or whether they share required information on their experience. Do they seem to enjoy whatever they do?

#4: Cost

If cost is yet another factor for you, always remember that you’ll require paying more for better quality writers with enough experience. You will get what you pay for. Hence, it is definitely better to spend more dollars on content which can instantly convert readers rather than paying less for content which doesn’t set any impact on your organization.

So, now that you know the yardsticks for measuring the skills of a potential writer, go ahead and choose the best one for your business.

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Hiring the best content writer – Tips for a content curator

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