5 Major Benefits of Having a Master’s Degree in Nursing

You just spent a considerable amount of time in nursing school marked by long hours and late nights studying and preparing to ace your exams. The notion of doing that all over again may not be the most appealing idea, particularly if you’re currently working at a job you enjoy. But earning your Master’s Degree has distinct benefits that can help you get further along in your career and earn a better salary. Even more encouraging is the fact that you can do it all without the need to actually return to school. People just like you are getting their online masters in nursing and reaping the benefits of continuing education. These are just some of the reasons why getting your Master’s may be right for you.

1. Specialize in Any Field

Nurses who hold a Master’s Degree can achieve specialization in a specific field that is most interesting to them. Pick any field you like, whether it’s pediatric endocrinology, gerontology or oncology, holding a Master’s is the best way to achieve full specialization in any field. This will also open up more employment opportunities and allow you to tap into job prospects that not only interest you but potentially open doors to more career paths.

2. Higher Pay

While no one can guarantee you could get paid better if you hold a Master’s Degree, it certainly won’t prevent you from receiving more compensation in a position. A nursing degree is a good start but getting your Master’s shows prospective employers that you have additional skills and expertise that would make you a valuable addition to any department or team.

3. Take Your Courses Online

One of the greatest benefits of pursuing your Master’s is that you can do it on your time. Schools that offer such courses like Brandeis University allow you to customize your course load so that it fits into your schedule. Accredited faculty and relevant curricula can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and many students are able to complete their Master’s Degree in as little as two years.

4. Faster Career Progression

Nursing jobs can be fulfilling and rewarding since no two days are alike. But since the workload is so varied and unpredictable, many nurses, particularly RN’s, find themselves stuck in one position without any hopes for career advancement. But if you’re an RN looking to move ahead, you can gain the experience necessary for a higher position if you pursue your Master’s Degree.

5. Teaching

Any nurse who has earned a Master’s Degree is now eligible to take a position as a teacher, to help others who are seeking education and guidance in this wide-ranging and exciting field. Holding a Master’s Degree provides you with the knowledge to be an effective mentor and support system in providing care for individuals from all walks of life and making a difference in your community. Pursuing your Master’s can place you in that role and enable other people to reach their goals at the same time.

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5 Major Benefits of Having a Master’s Degree in Nursing

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